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I easefully move into alignment on and off the mat.

So I mentioned that I offer private yoga sessions the other day and a few folks inquired when I would offer classes to groups.


I'm unsure.

One of the delights of my life is how I easefully move into alignment on and off the mat.

I feel that I am particularly synchronized with the rewards

owed to my ancestors investments and the expression of the universe I'm channeling in my being and doing these days.

As an Omnivert I'm finding that private yoga and/or Reiki sessions are what feels in alignment from those parameters right now.

In private sessions I am able to connect with an individual about their yoga practice.

Questions can be asked without jeopardizing the "flow" we've co-created.

I can receive the insight that will allow me to guide them to their own alignment on and off the mat.

There is no strain to manage the space.

I love that!

Like, I know its not impossible to offer this kind of insight or ease to a group however there is a different type of precision that feels divined when working with individual that amplifies the delighted alignment I mentioned above.

Maybe this is just where my interests are right now.

I feel ok with that being so.

We'll see.

We know "Change is God and God is change." And everything is temporary.

Until, feel free to request to book private yoga or reiki sessions with me at

Link in bio!

Which kind of session feels most in alignment for you right now?

Comment in the space below "private, group, or both"




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