Kyanite Oval Post Earrings

Kyanite Oval Post Earrings

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"Kyanite removes the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, and reveals the part played by the self in creating causes and relationships in one's life, and the action needed to balance the past. It dispels illusion, anger, and frustration, and increases logical, linear thought. It grounds spiritual energy, linking to the higher mind, bringing integrity and maturation. Kyanite is also helpful for those making the transition through death. [Hall, 167]


Kyanite's high spiritual energy enhances one's psychic abilities, and allows for a closer connection and transfer of information from higher beings. It assists in opening the Third Eye during mediation and healing sessions, and may be used to enhance telepathy between two persons, or between healing facilitator and client. It is an excellent tool for Crystal Resonance Therapy and other forms of crystal-based healing. [Ahsian, 224]"

-Crystal Vaults

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