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Magnesite Moon Bolo Tie


Magnesite is a stone powerful emotional connection. ... This will aid one in reaching a more emotional balanced state. Magnesite helps to awaken and activate the Third-Eye and Crown Charkas. Magnesite has a powerful effect on the mind bringing the hemispheres into harmony and stimulating ideas and their application.

-Fire Mountain Gems


"Bolo Tie lengths vary. Many prefer the bolo cord ends to land about 3 or 4 inches below the breastbone. As such, wearers of the bolo that are 6 feet tall with an average build are advised to purchase cords between 36 and 38 inches in length, while taller individuals or those with heftier builds often prefer cords between 40 and 42 inches."



Aiguillette Metal Color
Cord Color
Cord Material
Cord Length