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Cosmic Echoes Spiral Amplifier Ring
  • Cosmic Echoes Spiral Amplifier Ring

    Made to order

    Nickle free



    Note ring size needed in comments


      • All Sales Final
      • Repairs are open for negotiation with a repair fee. I reserve the right to not make a repair.
      • The smaller the gauge number the denser the material
      • Copper is malleable and may bend if enough pressure is added
      • Copper and Brass oxidize in air and water


      Ways to clean your copper:

      • Micro-abrasive polishing pads. These little foam pads are covered with micro-abrasives that gently buff and polish the tarnish away without scratching the metal. These pads are very simple, make no mess, and can be reused over and over again.

      • Ketchup. Yes, ketchup (or is it catsup?) is a very effective, readily available remover of tarnish on copper

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